Progress report

Yes! It is Christmas Eve, but I am making a progress report!

Some back story: The allergy shots were chugging along, and I only needed two more to reach the maintenance stage when I had a much more serious reaction to the shots than I'd had before (nothing life-threatening, don't worry). But the dose I reacted to was high enough that they can just put me on maintenance at a slightly lower dose. That means that instead of having a shot every three to four days, I can have a shot every two weeks--which is a much easier schedule.

With recovering from the bad reaction, the holidays, and the fact that I'm just kind of out of practice, I haven't been doing much--but my next shot is Tuesday, and I really wanted to get started before then.

So today I read over the Trials chapters--it's good! I'm looking forward to working on it! Tomorrow will be off for obvious reasons, but then I'm hoping Saturday through Monday will be a productive time....