How things are looking

So, a good deal of the things I was having to deal with earlier have been put to bed--there will still be maintenance, and I suspect March/April will be a busy time, but systems are in place, routines are being followed, and these days I almost never find myself fantasizing about tracking down some smooth-talking suit and shooting him in the head.

I'm still doing the allergy shots--there have been a couple of hiccups, but it looks like I will be able to finish the series, so yay. I've discovered I can keep to a two-shot-a-week schedule as long as I don't expect to get anything meaningful done on more than one front: Just one project, plus shots, that's it. I'll be traveling next week (something I look forward to in no small part because it will be a holiday from the shots) and then Thanksgiving comes along, but after that--we're keeping Christmas low-key, so the one project I work on could possibly be writing or editing, no? Maybe? Fingers crossed.

The shots should wind up in late December--early January at the latest---which should be very helpful.