I knew all this was going to happen, but I guess I was in denial about it: The elderly hoarder relative decided that one good way to deal with all her crap, which she had been storing at great expense, was to ship it to various relatives at great expense. You know, so that we can THROW IT ALL AWAY the way God intended.

So I'm going to have a truckload of bullshit coming to me today, and then I'm going to have to sort through it (trash, trash, Goodwill, trash...) and get rid of it before the next thing happens, which is that I'll be replacing the ceiling that was ruined by the old leaky roof. The contractor came over yesterday, and it sounds like I'm basically going to have to move out while the ceiling replacement happens. Joy.

I WOULD LIKE TO GET SOME WORK DONE. That is my dream. I'm trying to keep Dean Wesley Smith's words of wisdom in mind, but the truth is that I enjoy writing, while I don't enjoy dealing with garbage, and from a purely selfish standpoint I would like to have the opportunity to do something I find pleasurable and meaningful for a change.

Anyway, enough with the venting. Today may be a lost cause, but I think I'm going to focus on the audiobook for now--it's not writing, but at least it gets me back into the habit of making time every day to work on book stuff.