Progress report

I finished the noise removal on chapter 1 of Trang--huzzah, I think it's now officially finished, although I still have to convert it into an MP3.

I was out of town for Thanksgiving and got back yesterday--I suppose I should be happy that I have this lovely beta task to do when I'm groggy as hell (I didn't get much sleep, and not because I was busy doing fun things), but I'm kind of frustrated to be looking at these progress reports and realize that I haven't written anything for two weeks. (Good thing I don't do NaNoWriMo, huh?) It also became painfully obvious during Thanksgiving that this coming spring is just going to be very hard on my productivity--I have to help an elderly relative who is a chronically disorganized hoarder get a house in shape to sell. No, this person does not live in the same state I do--that would be just too easy.

The frustrating thing is that my nice new computer (that I got specifically so that I could produce books more easily) with the enormous screen (that I got specifically so that I could do layouts more easily) is not even remotely designed to travel. Since the person will be moved out by the time I get there (a good thing, trust me--otherwise nothing would get thrown away, ever), there will be no computer and perhaps no Internet access--God, this is sounding very much like I have to get a laptop, isn't it? Uuuuugh.