I fixed it!

I don't know if you've noticed, but my domain name has never been quite properly mapped to this Web site. Everywhere you go, marysisson.com follows you, never actually changing as you move from page to page, or even when you leave the site altogether.

And I fixed it! I actually fixed a technical problem dealing with Web stuff. And in so doing, I appear to have fixed the issue of having content appear on a subdomain of the hosting company (which, as it turns out, just looks bad, it doesn't affect Google searches).

Speaking of domains and stuff, in addition to dropping prices, my Web host is now offering a free custom domain name, so yeah, things just keep getting cheaper. (I can't switch mine over and get a refund on what I paid, but if I want to use a pen name that leads here, that will be free.) I realize that, were I more Web-savvy, I could save even more money by moving to a different host (people seem to like site5), but Squarespace required zero expertise to get started, and zero expertise was what I had....