The end of the year: Counting costs

I'm going to have to do this for my accountant anyway, so I figured I'd present the amount I've spent on book production for all of 2011. For your edification and enjoyment (especially if you're prone to schadenfreude):


Spent on creating

 $67.50 for 5 yrs....Cost of domain name

$226.79 for 2 yrs.....Cost of Web host *



Spent on copy editing Trang:



Spent on creating e-books:



Spent on creating hard copies:

$355.00.....Purchase Adobe Acrobat

 $46.73.....Purchase proofs of Trang (I wound up revising it four times)

 $16.24.....Purchase large-print Trang proof

 $78.00....Fee for improved price/distribution (both editions)



Spent on marketing:

$100.00....Advertisement at sci-fi convention

 $22.51....Copies to give reviewers


 $66.91....Copies for GoodReads giveaway


GRAND TOTAL: $1,308.68


Obviously getting the book copy edited and revising it added to the cost, but I think that was worth it. I also think it was worth it to send hard copies to reviewers, but the advertisement did nothing for me, and it seems to me that I get a lot more bang for the buck by doing a Library Thing giveaway than by paying BookRooster (I haven't done the GoodReads giveaway yet--postage will be added to that cost--so I don't know how that will shake out).

* Edited March 30, 2012, to reflect rate change.