Trang is done, done, done!! I uploaded it hither and yon and thither and thon...oy, my neck hurts. It's interesting to see what's new: CreateSpace now does an automated, immediate "You need to fix this!" thing, which was both appreciated and really, really annoying, mainly because the errors were, of course, the result of Word deciding to get wacky. ("You set those margins? I don't think so! I think this line is going to be a little closer to the gutter! What? You're pointing out the margin settings? Nya-nya-nya--I can't hear yooouu!!")

Anyway, since the corrections also affected the e-books, I took the opportunity to try Amazon's new we'll-include-the-interior-cover tool. Of course, you can't tell if it works, because the preview tool doesn't show if it does. Annoying? Yes!