I got hard copies of both editions of The Weirld only to realize that there's been a typo on the cover of the paper copy of The Weirld this entire time: I misspelled "journalist"! Awesome! Anyway, everyone's just been buying the e-book, so you know, thank God for that--it will be fixed soon. (So, buy it now, I guess!)

Anyway, the interior corrections on the regular edition went through fine, and I'm going over the interior of the large-print edition (the cover needed some fixing as well, predictably enough).

Taking a step back, taxes are DONE (DONE!!!!!), so now I'm kind of hmmm-ing at the calendar. I've got stuff at the end of the month, but maybe I can take another stab at Trials in the meantime--I actually had a bunch of good ideas for it before I got swallowed whole by production.