Laying out!

I redid the first chapter--I pulled out my dusty copy of the first Harry Potter novel and decided that my type was way too big. What they did in that book was use more space between the lines to improve legibility, so I figured that was the way to do it (also, large type is just harder to lay out). My book's a YA book, but it's not a children's book, so I don't want the interior to look like it's intended for the very young.

Scribus is still working fine--I'm sure I'm not at peak efficiency or anything, but I'm getting used to its quirks. You still basically have to do some of the layout work in the word processing program (or, let's say it makes life a lot easier if you do)--of course, that was true for Quark as well, we always had to clean up the files before they went to the designers.

Anyway, I've laid out two chapters and will probably go lay out some more later on today. I think I'll tweak the interior design just a little (the chapter numbers and the page numbers are too similar), but other than that, it looks pretty good!