Progress report

I finished the inputs--YAY!!

I also rotated and cropped all the now-digitized art, and cleaned up two of them. One isn't going to need cleaning because it was drawn cleanly--don't ask me why or how. The truth is, my nieces aren't merely better at drawing than I am, they also know much more about how to draw, because for whatever reason our little town has a truly excellent art center where they genuinely educate the kids on technique.

So I have one illustration left to clean up, and then (here's the downside of the children having an arts education) I'm really going to have to clean up the drawings "by" the main character. Yes, even the 8-year-old knows enough technique to draft the drawing up in faint pencil and then trace over what she wants to keep in dark pen. I'm leaving some of the draft markings on the illustrations because 1. they look cool, and 2. it would be a real pain to get rid of every last one. But the main character is not supposed to be the kind of kid who drafts her drawings before she makes them, so every last little draft mark is going to have to go.