Getting there....

One of the other side effects of traveling so much is that I haven't been doing any of the normal maintenance stuff (health stuff, animal stuff, stuff around the house, the now-inevitable legal stuff) either, so I've been having to dig my way out from under all of that. Let's put it this way: Recently a power surge completely fried the GFCI outlet in the bedroom, meaning I had no electrical power in that room whatsoever. It took me four days to find the time to replace a fucking electrical outlet (which is not a complicated job) so I could stop getting dressed by flashlight.

Anyway, hopefully in a few days I will finally have the time and space to get back to writing! What a miracle that would be!!

One benefit of the travel, though, is that we went to Yellowstone, which means I now have very good idea of what a volcanic wasteland looks like. It looks pretty damned amazing, I'll tell you that.