"Someone please tell me it's not a train"

(Ah, Cracker.)

So, at the risk of calling the Fates down upon my head, I wanted to let people know what's been going on in general.

A few months ago, I took over the affairs of someone who can't handle them any more. And it's been very much like when I bought my house out of forclosure last year--this person's affairs are complicated and have been badly neglected for some time, and I've been spending the past few months metaphorically getting the rats and ivy removed, getting floors put in, and getting rid of the Tree That Is Going To Fall and Kill Us All.

We're now at the point where the emergency work has been completed. (We think. Assuming there are no more surprises--ahahahahahahaha. Still, it seems quite unlikely at this point that anyone is going to have to go to jail for tax evasion, which is a definite improvement.) We could move on to, you know, planting bulbs and putting in furniture and making this house truly a well-functioning home.

Except that 1. I am getting resentful (seriously, some days all I do is go to Staples and talk to lawyers), and 2. the person whose affairs these are does not handle change well. Positive change is still change, and this person is going to need some time to adjust to the fact that the attic is a lot less noisy, there are bushes visible in the front yard, the floors are no longer bare concrete, and the tree that was growing such pretty mushrooms out of its trunk is now gone.

So we've decided that it's in everybody's interest to give it all a rest for a bit. Which should mean that I can start writing again soon (bring it on, Fates!), and hopefully I'll stop seeing searches like "Mary Sisson died" when I go look up my site stats.