What's been going on

So, the evening before Halloween I went to run an errand at the grocery store, and this extremely intelligent and well-adjusted individual ran the light (or, as the police like to say, "failed to yield on a left turn"), hit another car, and then hit mine.

That's been a lot of not-fun. Everyone walked away (except my car, which had to be towed), and the police issued the fellow responsible a citation. Of course, he had a really funny story to tell the insurance about how me and the other car plotted together to simultaneously run a red light. That we were stopped at. Because we're wacky! But a copy of the police report helped "clarify" matters. Anyway, I'm glad the dude didn't flee the scene, but I kind of suspect now that that was because I quite obviously started to memorize his license plate before I moved my car out of his way.

The main thing is that right now my neck is still kind of wonky (yes, I feel like Stereotypical Insurance Fraudster saying that, but it's true), and it's hard to work at the computer for substantial lengths of time. That seems to be getting better, albeit slowly, and I kind of have my fingers crossed for actually writing tomorrow...? Hopefully?