Proofs approved!

Life has been rearing its ugly head--I had some bad chicken last night AND the smoke detector wanted me to know that its battery was low this morning, so today I'm barely able to eat, much less write. But I did get the Trang and Trust proofs back, and they were good, so I approved them.

You never know just exactly how a cover is going to look, though, and today proved that to me again. This time the Trust cover was shifted as far to the left as possible--the jacket copy was right against the edge, the spine spilled over onto the back a little, the front copy was off-center--plus the bar code was crooked. Nothing massively horrible, just a glitchy print run this time around, but you do just have to understand that stuff like that is going to happen. (And it's not because CreateSpace is God-awful or anything; that kind of thing happens in traditional publishing all the time.) It's kind of like formatting e-books: You can't control how any given device is going to render your design, so it's best not to get too exacting.