Semi-progress report

I was feeling kind of blah today (you know how yesterday was too nice? Today was too dreary), so I started working on the audiobook--I know I said that I wouldn't work on the audiobook when I could be writing, but I was figuring there was really no harm to it. But then after editing part of Chapter 8, I went out to...I guess it was tea, because I'd already eaten lunch. And then I made another trip to buy some groceries.

And then I realized that, HELLO, I'm procrastinating.

Trials is simply a dark book--much darker than Trust, and maybe even darker than Trang. Bad things happen to characters you (hopefully) care about by now. And that's hard to write: It's simply a difficult mental space to occupy, and there's the fear that it will anger or turn off readers (although it's a fact of life that everything you do will upset somebody). But I can't imagine lightening it up--it just has to be what it is.