What am I doing with my days?

Between children, random crap, and a lack of sleep, not much! And Norwescon starts tomorrow! Sorry, new readers desperate for the third book!

But I may add to your numbers, I think. Maybe. I am seeing more of a response to the Facebook ads now--so far more people are clicking than buying, but I did actually sell a copy (yes, one whole copy) at Barnes & Noble!!! Plus, I realized that the money I paid Goodreads was for an advertising campaign, not a single ad, so now I have four ads running on there (one each linking to Amazon, Smashwords, Nook, and Kobo).

Maybe someday enough people will click on the Goodreads ads that I'll actually spend through my pre-pay there. Dreams can come true, people.

(If you want a random laugh, go watch Zico of Block B fail to navigate using a GPS device. I especially like the part where his bandmate explains to him that Riverside Road probably runs along the side of the river. Comedy gold, people. ETA: Or try this one of the entire band failing to do a photo shoot properly. Or two of the group's rappers failing to sing. Or members failing to model. Or more atrocious singing. The Block B guys are a lot smarter than the characters in Spinal Tap, but there's definitely that feel to them sometimes....)