And there goes my day!

I managed to do some revision, adding some color to what was already written, but soon the keyboard and the height of the monitor began to bother me. Honestly, it's freaking impossible to find a hutch-type thing to raise a monitor--with my old monitor, I stuck it on a couple of phone books, but this is a new all-in-one computer, so I wanted something more stable. I think I found it (technically, it's shelves for shoes), but I had to go to six different stores to find it (that didn't actually surprise me, since phone books weren't my first choice before). I also went to the Apple store, thinking I could buy an ergonomic keyboard--joke's on me, since the store isn't the sort of place where you can actually buy things. I was told to go on-line, so I did, and apparently my old keyboard (which is actually pretty new) can work on a Mac as well, despite having the Windows logo prominently displayed on it. I'm going to assemble the shelves first and then take a shot at the keyboard. Wish me luck.