Progress report

Another day saved by the timer--I got up to chapter 20 done.

But I found mistakes! Argh! It was something I thought I had been really careful about--a couple of chapters are told from the point of view of an alien who is supposed to refer to the humans as "it" throughout, but I found a "he" and worse yet, two "her"s, which is truly a marvel considering that that alien comes from a species that has only one gender! Ugh. I had noticed I was slipping back into using "he" later on, so I went over that part really carefully, but of course I managed to throw in a couple very early. After I read over this layout one last time I'll input those fixes.

OTOH--as I was futzing around and procrastinating and fiddling with stuff around the house, I actually came up with some very good ideas for Trials. Sometimes busy work helps with the thinky work...