Should I be pleased or worried?

I try not to look at my blog stats very often, because I don't want to become a blogger instead of a novelist, but I did take a peek today. And it turns out that my most popular blog post in the past month is (drumroll, please!):

The one entitled No money down! Easy payments!

Which perplexes me, because on the one hand, I feel like there's a lot of important advice there, so I should feel good that people are going to it. On the other hand, I hope people aren't going to it because they really are hoping for no money down and easy payments and maybe another housing bubble.

Then again, if they are looking for that, and they find instead that blog post explaining why that sort of thing is going to cost them an arm and a leg, I guess that's good.

It's tied for popularity with Self-publishing when you're broke, by the way.