So many details!

OK, the e-books are really, really finished now. I wanted to have good back matter, but you can't do things like link to where people bought the book with a suggestion that they leave a review if you don't have a Web address for it--the book has to be up before it can really go up. And then I had to upload new versions of Trang that have links to where you can buy Trust, as well as the sample chapters.

And then the Smashwords tech help people had to figure out why Trust wouldn't convert--the short answer is, Word Sucks, the long answer is, Word stuck a bunch of invisible crap in there (in other words, Word Sucks). So I pulled all the crap out of the Smashwords version, and then I took another look at the Amazon and B&N versions, and sure enough, the invisible crap is not so invisible in an e-book format. (I hate you, Word.) So I had to replace those things one more time.

But it's all good now--by tomorrow, which is the official release date (you didn't know that, did you? That's what I told the reviewers, anyway), the aboslute final versions should be the ones you actually get when you pony up for them.

I don't know when the paper book will be up. The Amazon international e-book editions are up already--better go link to them on my home page. Whee!