Spinal flair

OK, so here's the newest version of the full cover of Trang, now complete with spinal flair:


Titan's not quite perfectly round, but it's going to wrap around the spine anyway, so I don't think anyone will notice that's it's deflating. (I blame the Magic Man.)

Anyway, since I had to go noodle with the paper book on CreateSpace anyway, I pulled it from Expanded Distribution again. That's because of this discussion: A number of people have chosen to offer the book only on Amazon because you can make it quite a bit cheaper, and the lower price compensates for the lack of other outlets. I can see the arguments both ways, but basically the only time I've sold paper copies has been through Amazon, so maybe making it cheaper would be helpful. In addition, there's no actual exclusivity--I can still offer it for sale to bookstores if I want.