Random fun

One of the neat things about writing is that when you do it, other people realize that they can do it, too. The kids, for example, have seen my books, they know their auntie writes books, and they are totally down with the idea that someday, if they want to, they too could write books.

(Fine, maybe that kind of thing excites me because I grew up in what we not-so-affectionately call "the open-air ghetto," so I'm always happy to see people expand their ideas of what is possible.)

Anyway, my sister is a talented writer but (being sane) never pursued it professionally and hasn't written in a while. But apparently all this yapping about creative writing rekindled the fire, and she has written an episode of the show Sherlock. If you've never seen the show, her episode won't make a lot of sense, but if you have, you should read it: She really has the humor down.