Seeking beta

You know, after writing Wednesday's post on what to do when you can't write, it occurred to me that I don't really have any beta tasks going on right now--production on Trust and Trang is wrapped up, and while I have some marketing plans (I'll be moving Trang to KDP Select at the beginning of December), it's nothing that's should be very time consuming.

I had two potential beta tasks in the back of my mind: changing the layout of the paper books and producing a Trang podcast. Changing the layout is going take a lot of time, involve doing a lot of something I do not enjoy, and the end result (a paperback that costs $9 more than the e-book instead of $10 more) doesn't strike me as something that will move the needle on sales. Doing a podcast costs a little money, will take a lot of time, and may or may not be something I enjoy, but it has the potential to reach a new audience.

Long story short: Yesterday I ordered a USB microphone. The Blue Snowball is less than $70 now!