Bowing to reality

I realized last night that, hey, we're almost in October, there's no way I'm going to have Trust totally done by the end of 2011. So I bumped all the book dates forward a year--they were only guesstimates anyway. Maybe I'm being pessimistic, but we've got another houseguest coming this week (a relative who last visited in July and who we'll see again at Thanksgiving--there's been a lot of stressful change in my family lately, and this person is feeling a bit needy), so that blows this editing round straight to hell, again. Plus, after I finish this (eternal!) edit, I want to give it to some beta readers, and of course they all have jobs and lives, so they're not going to react to well to some insane deadline. And THEN I will have to do more editing, proofing, layout, formatting, cover....yeah, it's going to be 2012.

But I think what I'll do when I finish this edit (which hopefully will happen BEFORE I DIE) is to start the next book. Also, while I'm waiting on the beta reads, I can do the cover of Trust, which should be less of a conceptual marathon than Trang was. I actually want to add a little polish to Trang as well by revising some things on the cover and poking around to see if I can't find a proofreader.

Oh, and this is making the rounds, and is funny: I would only add that, even when you're being successful, you never really feel like you're out of the scramble!