Feast or famine

I started poking around self-publishing blogs again tonight, and apparently the Internet read my earlier post and got embarrassed, because I've hit three good ones.

They are:

Write to Publish, which is written by a woman whose husband is a novelist. He self-publishes, they run a small press, and they have experience with big publishing houses as well, so she's got a very good sense of the industry, how it works, and how it's changing. (But if you read her post on Barnes & Noble's on-line operations and go, "Oh my stars!!!" please read the comments--new business lines always lose money initially.)

Publetariat is an aggregate blog that takes posts from a lot of other blogs. It's nice because a lot of blogs by people selling services to self-publishing writers are 10% good info and 90% "Buy my crap!" and it looks like Publetariat does a pretty good job of screening out that less-useful 90%.

Adventures in ePublishing is written by a newbie self-published sci-fi writer who LOVES data. He loves to collect it, he loves to analyze it, and he loves to share it so much he has a running tally of his expenses as a sidebar on his blog. (Yes, I do realize that I may have to marry him. Assuming that's legal, because it's possible that we were separated at birth.)

And I'm going to add a blog that I've known about for a while: The Shatzkin Files. Shatzkin is a consultant, so it should not shock you that his blog is geared to the people who might actually hire him, i.e. high-ranking publishing executives. As a result, the blog can be too insider-y, which is why I haven't recommended him before now, but he does have some very interesting things to say. (Barnes & Noble should totally hire him.)