I wanted to see what I would need to do to get Trang below 400 pages (which is when you can start shrinking the side margins even more aggressively), and just by fooling with the margins of a draft I got it down from 550 pages to 360 pages--without having to shrink the type! So that's promising!

I had some real-life crap to do today, so I just worked more on the large-print layout. I really need to get cracking on Trust, the next book, in no small part because I keep telling people it will be coming out soon! I always procrastinate some before starting the next writing/editing round, so I kind of feel like this whole large-print layout thing is merely a very cunning delaying tactic on my part. But it is nice to have something you can do on days when you don't have a lot of time and are a little short on sleep.