You know, the problem with me is that I am inquisitive. That served me well when I was a reporter, but it means that there are times when I don't leave well enough alone.

In other words, I've been doing some research into shrinking the margins of Trang. It turns out that if I did that, it would knock about 100 pages off the length of the book. That might be a good idea from a marketing perspective--if I'm on the fence about a book, I'm more likely to pick it up if it's shorter, because then if it's crap, it at least won't take that long to read. It would also bring down the cost of the book so that I could distribute it through some of the more-expensive channels (like making it available to libraries) without having to price it above $16.

So--argh. I really don't want to lay it out again right now, but I think the logic here is overwhelming. I'll put it up for $16, wait a little bit, and then (whimper) lay it out again and make it available through all the distribution channels.