Yeah, I woke up late today, and everything has just been a mess since then--I don't think I'll manage any writing today, and this weekend looks bad, too. We shall see--the dank and crappy weather we're having may actually open my schedule more, because no one wants to go out in it.

One thing I did realize was that I needed to update that DIY Publishing thing. I mention in it that I wrote it last spring and that the portion on e-books will probably be out of date by November, and guess what? Actually, part of it went out of date in September, but still more should be out of date next year, so I put little Out of Date Alert!s in it.

The upside of all this out-of-dateness is that it seems like people are actually trying to make the process easier for authors, which is good. The downside is that it seems like ePub is going to rule, and ePub is actually the format I'm least adept at. So, I'll have to edjumacate myself a little more....